Just for a laugh, click on the link which best matches your personality. We have included a selection of jokes we think are funny, or at least have the potential to make you laugh, because they should appeal to a cross section of the world's population.

PROVISO: With a global audience, obviously humour varies significantly. Obviously too, some jokes appeal more to some people than others. Hence I mightn't laugh at every joke. If I did I'd never get any work done...Maybe thats why I'm a professional comedian!...But...What a way to go!...Cataloguing jokes!...Now I sound like a glamorised librarian...There may be more stability in being amongst the oldest worms known to mankind...Bookworms, that is!...Isn't wit wonderful?! - It keeps us healthy, keeps the doctor at bay, keeps us psychologically sane...Or insane if you're a comedian who becomes a self professed philosopher & begins to take life so seriously you enter politics...Oh well, its far better to die laughing than crying...There are enough tears in this world to swell a river...& who wants to drown in tears when you can die laughing...Just imagine, for one 10 seconds of silence, being Killed by a 24 hour sense of humour!... [...or lack of it!!!] The aftermath of severe insomnia!...The very sense of humour that sustains us in life!....Oh well, at least my spirit would live on with a sense of humour in the afterlife... Back to this present hour in time. Enough of pregnant pauses...Time to pause to be pregnant...Is that possible? I don't know, I'm just a romantic comedian...But enough of this verbal dribble...Click on the link that interests you below. Sometimes you'll laugh, sometimes I'll laugh, sometimes we'll both laugh! But don't worry if you don't find every joke funny. I probably don't either. Then again I might be splitting my sides laughing!...ENJOY!!! - ...Cheers, ED - Don Murchison, Sydney, 2002.

[PS. There is hope for us all. If last year was a very odd year, this year should be the best year to forge ahead. Its time to get even again. Its an anagram!...So make the most of your wit, laughter & romance, because you won't be around in another 1000 years...the next anagram!]

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