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Leave the concrete jungle for a real jungle experience right in the heart of Lane Cove:


the 18th, annual


First three weekends in September, Saturday nights:
1st, 8th & 15th September, 2018.

5.30 am - 9.30 pm.

art, sculpture, exhibitions, attractions in Sydney
The Reservoir Illusion as seen at night.

A major attraction is the fascinating Watergarden and hygromorphomatics, the term Don Murchison uses to describe the artistic harvesting of rainwater, to create artificial streams, ponds and waterfalls, with real sound dynamics of moving water. Sensors operate the main waterfalls, so do not be surprised if a waterfall flourishes right before your very eyes! At night, special atmospherics & colourful nature-inspired lights, from Zhongzhen Lighting Company in China, add to the spectacle.

art, sculpture, exhibitions, attractions in Sydney
The Upper Watergarden is a fairy-land at night.

The Jungle Chalet is set in a unique rainforest setting, bordering the Lane Cove Bushland Park. Don Murchison has renovated his house in an original & fascinating design, that blends in & complements the rainforest environment.

Please wear appropriate footwear for a rustic rainforest environment. - High heels are definitely not recommended! There is no wheelchair access. A small torch is recommended and essential for people with poor eyesight, as lighting is subdued and atmospheric. Children must be accompanied and supervised by parents or adult carers.

art, sculpture, exhibitions, attractions in Sydney
Don created the Viagra Falls from sandstone collected off building sites.


Corner Innes Rd & Valley View Crescent,
Ph. 9906 2350.



art, sculpture, exhibitions, attractions in Sydney...By the Reservoir.

When Don Murchison commissioned the elephant from Timbron, he was soon to discover the reality of the ageless question - How many people does it take to lift an elephant? The answer was to be found in a journey of discover with admiration for the ancient Egyptians, the pyramid builders & basic engineering techniques combined with brute force & ropes! The result was that 5 men took 5 hours to move it 50 metres down hill to its final resting place, without the aide of robotics!!!

art, sculpture, exhibitions, attractions in SydneyPart of Reservoir Illusion.

Don Murchison has visited China on 9 occasions during the past 6 years. On his visits Don has been surprised & often fascinated by the variety of artforms that until recently have not been visible to the outside world. He has visited studios that are often in remote countryside locations. One of his discoveries is the Timbron Sculptures. In China, sculptors tend to work for private companies. Often a team of artists will work on a given piece. This is quite different to the way we operate, where each sculptor receives due recognition for his work & tends to work in isolation.

art, sculpture, exhibitions, attractions in SydneyKissing Couple by Pluto Pond.

Don commissioned & imported 12 Timbron sculptures, which now form the major part of the Sculptured Rainforest Walk, at the Jungle Chalet Exhibition. Don't ask Don how they got here...he could write a book about it! Some of the sculpture was carried down the 76 steps, many of them narrow sandstone steps...but the last straw was to call in the services of a helicopter! Each sculpture is made of marble & weighs up to 600 kilos!!! The sculpture is now a permanent fixture, & Don will take orders from people interested in buying similar sculptures for their own homes.

art, sculpture, exhibitions, attractions in SydneyThe Gorilla In The Mist.

The elephant is the latest commissioned sculpture from TIMBRON. This provided the theme for the 2010 Exhibition: 'Every Home Needs An Elephant.' You will be amazed, even awestruck, by how realistic it looks in the rainforest settling. Kids & adults alike are intrigued when it spouts water through its trunk as they walk past!

art, sculpture, exhibitions, attractions in SydneyThe Elephant ~ along with effects!

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One of the largest studio businesses Don visited specialises in exquisite functional sculpture & stoneware. The craftpersonship of HaoXiang is outstanding. The Haoxiang visit was a real adventure, but worth it...After being dumped by a taxi in the sticks & hours from Xiamen, Don was determined to discover some sculptured gems. He & his female Chinese friend then had to hop on a motorbike taxi, in rain & near zero temperature...eventually finding Haoxiang! Luckily the motor bike then took them to a remote bus stop where they were fortunate to catch the last bus back to Xiamen! The weight of the beautiful marble frog and owl stool are very deceiving. It took 4 strong men to manoeuvre the smallest sculpture into position!

Ask Don if you are interested in seeing the range of marble sculpture available.

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The special Saturday night viewing of the Watergarden features colourful lights, fog effects & atmospherics. There is plenty of intrigue for adults & children alike..

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The Jungle Chalet is Don's creation - from colourful waterfalls, streams & ponds to leadlight windows, to a labyrinth in the driveway, glass-art letterbox...with all on display. These & the various stages of the Watergarden Installation form an intricate & integral component of the unique Jungle Chalet. Don has personally placed every piece of sandstone & every pebble, to replicate nature in a miniature wonderland.

If you have a glass-art idea for your home, are interested in a water feature, or interested in the sculpture, fountains or root furniture, talk to Don about it this weekend. If he can't personally design & create it for you, he will be able to commission it through another artist & even import fabulous sculptures with his contacts overseas if appropriate.

As you venture down & past the Jungle Chalet you will see beautiful artistic & nature inspired leadlight windows, which will be lit up for night time viewing.

Art, Leadlight, Exhibitions, Sydney Events, Glass Art
A romantic leadlight for the bathroom window,
with lorikeets & a tree-climbing fairy,
designed & created by Don Murchison.
[NFS. ~ This is now part of the Jungle Chalet, but commissions can be taken.]


Don is best known as a Comedian who writes customised comedy for all occasions, from birthdays to Corporate occasions, like conferences and Christmas parties. His trademark 'Chookmobile' art-car is probably the most photographed vehicle in Australasia, and has toured extensively with Don throughout Australia [surviving the Nulabour Plains & skifields to the sea], as well as appearing in photo albums and newspapers throughout the World. If only Don could claim 1� per photo, his next 'Chookmobile' would surely be a 'Paltry Porche'. Don is transforming his home into a natural artscape, with prolific installations to replicate the movement of water. The past 7 exhibitions have featured stages of his Watergarden Installation. You will enjoy the Reservoir Illusion and the Sculptured Rainforest Walk. When the pumps are operating, the Jungle Chalet is now 90% circumnavigated by water. Leadlight panels created by Don adorn many of the windows. On Saturday nights these will be lit up & combined with colourful flower lights, streams & waterfalls...in a fascinating wonderland...So come & enjoy the ambience of art with nature.

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Adults: $12, High School Pupils: $8, Children under 12: $5, Toddlers: free. Family Pass: $25. Health Care Card holder & pensioner families: $20. NB. Eventbrite charge a small booking fee.

Tickets are limited to avoid overcrowding, so it is recommended you book, to ensure entry. Credit cards are accepted on line, but not for door sales where cash is necessary.

There are four time slots this year to prevent overcrowding at any one time: 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm, 6.30 pm - 7.30 pm, 7.30 pm - 8.30 pm & 8.30 pm - 9.30 pm. The first half hour, from 5.30 pm - 6 pm is suggested for elderly people who wish to become acquainted with the pathways and steps before it gets too dark. Most people will prefer to view the Enchanted Night Garden once it is dark, when the lighting is most effective, and this will be after 6 pm.

Tea and Coffee will be available for a small suggested donation.

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art, sculpture, exhibitions, attractions in SydneyTake a break & relax on the Turtle Seat by the Coleridge Falls.

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The Jungle Chalet,
Valleyview Glen,
Cnr Valleyview Cres. & Innes Rd,
SYDNEY, NSW, 2065.

Phone:61 - 2 - 9906 2350. (9am - 6pm, Monday - Friday. Answer phone after hours.)
Mobile: [Best to call the landline as reception is not good in the jungle!]