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With the post-Covid transition back to normality Don Murchison is offering short Santa Acts to deliver Christmas presents and bring the joy and fantasy back into the lives of children and families.

You organise presents you would like to give your children and he will meet you just prior to the performance to put them in his red Santa sack. He then knocks on your door, with a cheerful ho, ho, ho, to sing, 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas' and 'Jingle Bells', guitar in hand. You will have a couple of chairs handy, so your children can sit down beside Santa and tell him what they would like for Christmas, with Santa spinning a few yarns about Rudolf, his reindeer and the joys of climbing down chimneys..... Santa concludes his act by handing out the presents.

The performances are generally 10 - 20 minutes, depending on the number of children. To help families who are struggling, the base cost for a family with up to 4 children is reduced to $250, with the exception of Christmas day which is $400.

For more than 4 children, or multiple families as a single combined group gig, the cost is an additional $55 for up to up to 12 children, an additional $75 for up to up to 20 children, an additional $100 for up to up to 20 - 30 children, and negotiable for more than 30 children.

Travelling expenses are reasonable, based on anticipated time / distance, and apply for bookings which are not localised. (No travelling expenses are charged for Lane Cove and Greenwich, but they are scaled depending on distance and anticipated travelling time to other suburbs.)

Please email, TXT or phone us with your preferred performance time and location. We will then confirm travelling expenses if applicable and email you a booking form. We prefer payment by bank transfer at the time of confirming your booking. A minimum of 50% deposit is necessary to place your booking, with the balance paid by confirmed bank transfer, or in cash just prior to the gig.

$10 discount is given if you book and pay for this act and then recommend it to another family who then confirm a booking and pay their deposit.

NB. This is an exclusive act with entertainer, Don Murchison. Don will not be subcontracting this act to other actors or performers if he is fully booked, and would only do so if he is unable to perform due to Covid. So if your preferred time is already allocated you will have to select an alternative time. Don is fully vaccinated and has the Working with Children check.

Don is also available for Company Christmas Parties / Picnics, with the price being $500 - $750 [depending on the numbers of children] plus travelling expenses.

For adult Christmas parties, Don is also available with the Santa Comedy and Dance Act.

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SYDNEY, NSW, 2065.
MOB:0414 390 324. (9am - 6pm)