This is another laugh you will never forget...
Some say it is the highlight of their holiday Downunder!

During the Act, visitors are picked up from their hotel & shown around Sydney in the "Chookmobile". They are taken over the Harbour Bridge & past Darling Harbour, to see the sights of Sydney. The journey can include shopping, or night highlights. The comedy journey of adventure includes a personalised script, musical novelties (musical saw, musical 'kitchen sink') & many photo opportunities. Afterwards, visitors are taken back to their hotel, a restaurant, night club, or preferred destination.

Visitors are treated to a unique comedy ride. Enjoy an unforgettable, unique comedy show on the road...a slapstick journey of adventure with Comedian, Don Murchison! the most remarkable & photographed car in Australia...& possibly the World! - Its a work of art! The "Chookmobile" is a Subaru car, also known as the "SubaRooster!"... During the journey, or rather Act, you will be thoroughly entertained, with many happy memories and unforgettable experiences!

The journey includes a specially prepared Comedy Script, welcoming the passenger(s) to Sydney; plus a performance on the musical saw! The visitor(s) are welcomed with an Australian song, dusted down with a chook feather duster, have their hands washed from a water nozzel at the back of the chook (...yes, the chook actually has a water tank with a wee-wee hole at the appropriate place!), and their hair is combed with an oversized comb. Many photo opportunities are included.

Passenger numbers are limited to one or two. In the case of larger groups, it is recommended that one particular person or couple you would like to single out, travels in the Chookmobile, & the remainder of the passengers follow in a taxi or coach.

This booking is for two hours. The time can usually be extended for a slightly increased charge.

The total cost of the act, for private / non-corporate gigs is $525 for a period of two hours,
$750 for up to four hours, excluding Friday and Saturday nights,
Friday and Saturday nights for up to four hours is $1,000,
All day, i.e. up to 8 hours, 9 am - 5 pm, Monday to Friday, is $1,000, Saturday and Sunday is $1,225.

We can usually organise a Japanese or Chinese interpreter for $75 - $150, depending on the timing.
Corporate bookings are an additional $350. The fee is payable in Austalian dollars.


Prices might increase during the year, but bookings already confirmed will obviously be honoured at these prices.

No booking is confirmed until we receive a non-refundable deposit. Until we receive the deposit, we are not obligated to accept your booking & at our discretion may accept another booking should another deposit arrive earlier.

Deposits can be paid by cash, cheque, deposited directly into our bank account personally, by telegraphic transfer or 3rd party transfer via internet banking. We do not accept credit cards.

The cost includes Script Writing, Comedian & Dancer [if relevant for this act]. Other charges may apply [see below.]

When you verbally [or via email] confirm your booking with us, we will fax you a CONFIRMATION & QUESTIONNAIRE FORM. You complete & fax this back to us. It becomes the brief to write the script.

The final payment is due just PRIOR to the performance, either by cash or bank cheque. Personal cheques are accepted, but must be paid at least a week in advance of the booking to allow for clearance.

Where we organise a Package with a Cruise Boat, Comical Catering or other performers are involved, the final payment is due at least 14 days PRIOR to the performance.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Travelling time is additional and added to the fee. When you let us know the location & time, we will confirm the travelling time. e.g. Offpeak to the city is $20, Offpeak to Parramatta is $35, Offpeak to Bondi Beach is $35, Offpeak to Chatswood is $10.

Relevant Harbour Bridge, Tunnel & Road Tolls are additional.

* Usual SHORT NOTICE CHARGE to prepare script -
..................Only 3 or 4 office days - extra $25.
..................1 - 2 office days - extra $50.
..................SAME DAY - (or less than 8 office hours notice) - extra $75.

..................SAME DAY - SATURDAY or SUNDAY, or script written during weekend - extra $100.

An additional charge, usually of $25 applies for bookings made outside Sydney, when interstate, international or mobile phone charges apply.


..................Xmas & New Year's Eve - minimum $250, depending on act.
..................Good Friday to Easter Mon. - extra $150.
..................Most other Public Holidays or Public Holiday Weekends - $100.
..................If Public Holiday falls on Fri., Sat., Sun. - $125. [other than Easter & Xmas.]

* COMEDIAN also DANCES with recipient - can teach Ceroc steps - $75.

* BOOKINGS between 10pm - Midnight, & 8am -10am - additional $100.

* BOOKINGS between Midnight - 8am - additional $200.

* BOOKINGS between 5 - 7 pm , Monday to Friday, except public holidays, when not affected by peak hour driving. - additional $50. This may not apply for Local Bookings.

* 'SILLY SEASON' BOOKINGS, 10th November - 9th January -
..................Saturday & Sunday Daytime - extra $75.
..................Thurs. Night - $75.
..................Fri. & Sat. Nights - $100.
..................Mon., Tues., Wed. (day & night), Thur., Fri. (day) - $50.

* 'Silly Season' Short Notice charge -
..................less than 3 office days - $100.
..................Only 4 - 5 office days - $50.
..................SAME DAY or less than 8 office hours notice - extra $150.

..................SAME DAY - SATURDAY or SUNDAY, or script written during weekend - extra $200. [rarely available.]


* The price allows for a half hour Starting Time Range. [This is to allow for potential delays in traffic or holdups if performing more than one gig.] If you want the show to start at a precise time, ie. a GUARANTEED STARTING TIME, this is an additional charge of $150. In this instance, if we are more than five minutes late starting, there is no additional charge of $150.

* If a female dancer is included, as part of a duet act [e.g. Cake Act, Surprise Retirement Parcel, or the Santa Comedy & Dance Act], occasionally, especially if short notice, we may not be able to book a dancer from our normal pool of talent. If this happens & we have to subcontract through an outside dance agency, the price may increase to reflect the extra dancer fee component of the act.

* OUT OF TOWN GIGS - extra $50 - $750, depending on inconvenience & extent it restricts number of gigs performed on day / night.

* TWO /three / ...?... PERSON SCRIPT - (When script is written for 2 or more people.) - $50 per extra person. [Each person receives a copy of the script & is included in the script. For more people, the script & performance time may be longer.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The Jungle Chalet,
Valleyview Glen,
Cnr Valleyview Cres. & Innes Rd,
SYDNEY, NSW, 2065.
Phone:61 - 2 - 9906 2350. (9am - 6pm, Monday - Friday. Answer phone after hours.)
Mobile:n/a. (en route to gigs.)
Facsimile:61 - 2 - 9439 2319. (24 hours, 365 days p.a.)

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