* COMEDY SPECIALISTS, DON MURCHISON, ARTISTES & SCRIPT WRITER RESERVE COPYRIGHT ON ALL PERFORMANCES. Any video of the performance is for private use & must not be reproduced, sold, or screened on TV, without the express conditional written approval of Comedy Specialists, the performers & script writer. Uploading to Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin or other social media sites is generally acceptable, but must be with the approval of Don Murchison at Comedy Specialists, who must be notified of all appropriate links.

* Comedy Specialists expect a courtesy request to video or film the act. In return for allowing filming, the client will supply a copy of the video to "Comedy Specialists" for their records, free of charge.

* Prices are current as per the date at the bottom of the relevant page & are always subject to the availability of specific performers & artists. Prices require confirmation for the following year.

* FOR BOOKINGS WE REQUIRE A NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT, to confirm your booking, with the balance payable just PRIOR to the gig. This can be done through internet banking or direct transfer to our nominated bank account. Bookings are not confirmed, nor are dates held, until we receive your deposit or cheques are cleared by the bank. Until we receive your deposit we reserve our right to confirm other bookings. We are strictly limited with the number of gigs we can perform on any day or night, & once we receive our quota, we do not accept further bookings. Thus to avoid disappointment, your deposit should be made without delay. The final payment is due just PRIOR to the performance, either by cash, bank cheque, internet banking or direct transfer to our nominated bank account. Personal cheques are accepted only if they are paid & received at least a week in advance of the booking to allow for clearance.

* Once confirmed there is no cancelation clause & deposits are non refundable if you cancel.

* The cost includes Script Writing, Comedian & Dancing [if part of the act]. Other charges may apply [see below.]

* When you verbally [or via email] confirm your booking with us, we will email you a CONFIRMATION & QUESTIONNAIRE FORM. You complete & email this back to us. It becomes the brief to write the script.

* All performances are scripted & performed in jest, fun & good faith, without meaning to be vindictive. Comedy Specialists, the performers & script writer are not responsible if a performance happens to offend someone. Care is taken to see the script & performance are in keeping with the information that is supplied as a guideline in the questionnaire. Your thorough completion of the questionnaire will assist us to write a memorable script.

* When we organise a Package on a Cruise Boat, with a One Man Band / DJ, Comical Catering, or other subcontractors, the final payment is due at least 14 days PRIOR to the performance.

* Where parking is charged, or it is difficult to find free parking, arrangements must be made so parking is not a cost or inconvenience to the performer. The client may need to pay for parking.

* Travel expenses normally apply. Other charges may also be applicabel. Please see below for details.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


* TRAVELLING TIME is additional and added to the fee. When you let us know the location & time, we will confirm the travelling time. e.g. Offpeak to the city is $25, Offpeak to Parramatta is $35, Offpeak to Bondi Beach is $35, Offpeak to Chatswood is $10.

* Relevant Harbour Bridge, Tunnel & Road TOLLS are additional.

* Usual SHORT NOTICE CHARGE to prepare script -
..................Only 3 or 4 office days - extra $25.
..................1 - 2 office days - extra $50.
..................SAME DAY - (or less than 8 office hours notice) - extra $75.
..................SAME DAY - SATURDAY or SUNDAY, or script written during weekend - extra $100.


..................Xmas & New Year's Eve - additional minimum of $250, depending on the act.
..................Good Friday to Easter Mon. - additional $150.
..................Most other Public Holidays or Public Holiday Weekends - additional $100.
..................If Public Holiday falls on Fri., Sat., Sun. - additional $125. [other than Easter & Xmas.]

* BOOKINGS BETWEEN 10pm - Midnight, & 8am -10am - additional $150.

* BOOKINGS BETWEEN Midnight - 8am - additional $500.

* BOOKINGS between 4 pm - 7 pm , Monday to Friday, except public holidays, when affected by peak hour driving. - additional $50. This does not apply for Local Bookings, only when traffic affected.

* 'SILLY SEASON' BOOKINGS, 9th November - 6th January -
..................Saturday & Sunday Daytime - extra $75.
..................Thurs. Night - $75.
..................Fri. & Sat. Nights - $100.
..................Mon., Tues., Wed. (day & night), Thur., Fri. (day) - $50.

* 'Silly Season' Short Notice charge -
..................Less than 3 office days - $100.
..................Only 4 - 5 office days - $50.
..................SAME DAY or less than 8 office hours notice - extra $150.
..................SAME DAY - SATURDAY or SUNDAY, or script written during weekend - extra $200. [rarely available.]

* FLOWERS, WINE, HIRED COSTUME or COURIER. - Additional, as appropriate.

* The price allows for a half hour Starting Time Range. [This is to allow for potential delays in traffic or holdups if performing more than one gig.] If you want the show to start at a precise time, ie. a GUARANTEED STARTING TIME, this is an additional charge of $200. In this instance, if we are more than five minutes late arriving at a gig, the additional charge of $200 is waived. If we arrive on time, but are requested to start later, the $200 charge still applies.

* If a FEMALE DANCER is included, as part of a duet act [e.g. Cake Act, Surprise Retirement Parcel, or the Santa Comedy & Dance Act], we are not always able to book a dancer from our normal pool of talent. When this happens, the cost of the dancer may be more than would normally be the case. In these circumstances this extra cost is passed on to the client. This can happen when gigs are booked at short notice, or if we have to subcontract through an outside dance agency.

* OUT OF TOWN GIGS - extra $50 - $750, depending on distance & extent it restricts number of gigs performed on day / night.

* TWO / three / or more PERSON SCRIPT - (When script is written for 2 or more people.) - $50 per extra person. [Each person receives a copy of the script & is included in the script. For more people, the script & performance time may be longer.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The Jungle Chalet,
Valleyview Glen,
Cnr Valleyview Cres. & Innes Rd,
SYDNEY, NSW, 2065.

Phone:61 - 2 - 9906 2350. (9am - 6pm, Monday - Friday. Answer phone after hours.)
Mobile:n/a. (en route to gigs.)
Facsimile:We have now discarded our fax in favour of email.

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